Build an Emergency Car Kit

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You never know when you’ll get stranded when driving your car. As such, it is a very good idea for you to create an emergency car kit. You can make your own kit fairly quickly, and store it in your trunk. Be sure to customize the kit according to your needs.

Here are some recommended items to put inside the kit.

1-      You will want to begin with a cardboard or plastic box to put everything in. Designating it as your emergency kit means that you will know exactly what is in it before you need anything.

2-      Be sure to have a first aid kit. Either make one or buy one. This is a mandatory addition to your kit.

3-      Have a AAA or roadside assistance card.

4-      Pack in a flashlight with fresh batteries.

5-      Add triangle reflectors and flares to make your vehicle visible.

6-      Make sure to have both flat head and Philips head screwdrivers.

7-      Have rags and a funnel in there as well.

8-      Jumper cables are an absolute necessity.

9-      Have an emergency cell phone charger, preferably crank powered.

10-   Pack some water in case you are going to be at your location for a while.

11-   Lastly- duct tape.

By having all of these items in the trunk of your car, you can be prepped and ready for the worst. We certainly don’t want to have to deal with being stranded or breaking down, but it sometimes happens. It is always better to be prepared than to be taken off guard.

Create an emergency roadside kit, and know that you’re in a lot better shape.

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