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When it comes to content marketing, it is okay to show a little personality. While we have discussed the importance of separating your personal social media or blog posts and your business ones, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate a little bit of personality into your marketing strategy.

When Can I Talk About My Hobbies on My Business Blog?

Bringing your favorite hobby into your content may be a little bit distracting. The goal of your content is to make more people interested in your independent insurance agency, rather than want to join your knitting circle or book club. Whether you have been itching to tell someone about your latest obsession or you just want to stand out a little more, you can blend your business with your hobby.

Here are a few examples where bringing up your workplace-friendly hobby is encouraged.

Marketing advice for the holidays

When you were sledding, did it remind you of your insurance agency? Write about it on your blog.

Hobbies in Stories

While most independent insurance agency blogs tend to use how-to or informational post structures, the occasional story can help you seem more personable. For example, explaining how your friends at the book club were discussing that the right automobile insurance would have changed the plot of your favorite book. Maybe one of your friends asked an interesting question while you were making crafts.

Comparing Services to Everyday Life

Informational blog posts are a great way to help people who may be interested in your product. The only problem is that reading long posts about insurance coverage can get a little dull. Spice up your content with some comparisons to everyday activities. Think of the product or service you are offering. Then, write how it is similar to your favorite hobby. You could even make a joke to help set the mood and peak the reader’s interests.

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