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Inc. Magazine just crowned the 10 best cities for entrepreneurs. In the number three spot is our very own Boulder, CO. It’s not the first time they’ve mentioned Boulder as a great place to realize your start-up dreams. 

The best city in the US to start your own business

It’s easy to see why scientists, techies, and hippies all flocked to Boulder to create a space for start-up dreams to come true.
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Why Boulder is and has always been, a draw for entrepreneurs

Millennials may think they just discovered this mecca where startup dreams come true, but Boulder has always been home to some innovative and creative men and women, and the birthplace of several successful startup businesses. Boulder is a place where people can be masters of their own destiny. The city was built much like a start up. A bunch of individuals with a shared goal to make this city beautiful and livable. Education was put above all else; this was a city that wanted to learn and grow and create. A communal effort to build something great, from scratch. And they did…

Tips for entrepreneurs by AAI in Colorado

Where you start your startup business can have a big impact on the success. Many entrepreneurs have found their success in Boulder, CO.

They built the first state university. Then the scientists came when Boulder became home to the  National Bureau of Standards’ new Radio Propagation Laboratory. The growing concern about a Soviet nuclear attack lead to more research facilities, weapons facilities, and soon the tech industry had a vested interest in coming to Boulder.

Science, technology, nature and sustainability

It wasn’t all science and technology. In the 1960’s, hippies and activists flocked to Boulder. Don’t forget, surrounding the many facilities was incredible natural beauty. Mountains, valleys, rivers and plains as far as the eye could see. Soon, nuclear weapons facilities were living side by side with the flower children.

People came from all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, to find their destiny and live off of the land in unison and harmony. They wanted to create a space for themselves, much like today’s entrepreneurs, to start their business and build a future. They wanted to be self-sufficient, and that meant being innovative and using the resources available to them to build a future as well as thriving enterprises that started from nothing and became known the world over.

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Boulder Colorado can give you the perfect mix of innovation, technology and natural scenery. Great for businesses, families and people of all types.

It was a Boulder hippie, picking local herbs and binding them in a sack, that lead to Celestial Seasonings, for example. Other natural and organic businesses followed, finding Boulder to be the perfect springboard for their vision to take form.

Boulder can be independent, but not alone

Boulder is the perfect mixture of science, technology, health, and nature. An organic space for young millennials and entrepreneurs of all industries to find their success and build a business from the ground up. A place for innovation and individuality, but with a shared sense of responsibility to keep Boulder beautiful, and a place where people can create, build and grow.

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