Binge Working Could Be Sabotaging Your Life and Your Business

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Binge Working Could Decrease Your Effectiveness

Everything in moderation is allowed, however, when you’re binge doing anything, you’ve already gone to an extreme —and extremes are never good.

Binge working means working excessively in a short amount of time. You could be doing this to yourself, or you could be demanding it from others. Either way, this behavior can harm your business more than it can do good.

When you think of working too much, the first thing that might come to mind is “workaholic” but being a workaholic and a binge worker is not the same thing. Workaholics tend to keep a steady pace and amount of work, while binge workers tend to be entirely unproductive most of the time and have a peak moment when they try to get as much work done as possible in a short timeframe. The latter is quite an ineffective and inefficient approach to work.

Binge Working Could Decrease Your EffectivenessThere are many disadvantages to being a binge leader, such as:

  • No time to train capable staff or provide them with the tools or attention they need to execute their job correctly, due to lack of focus and inability to manage their time properly.
  • A tense work environment that could lead to high staff turnover.
  • Many projects left unfinished thanks to the urge to do many things at once, but lack of commitment to see them through.
  • Sudden urges to be productive disrupt established processes and generate frustration among team members and even clients.

Time management and established processes can help mitigate the risk of becoming a binge leader or worker. To grow your independent insurance agency, you need to have the right tools in place to make things happen, and of course, being supported by a business development and consulting member association like Affordable American Insurance can be the lifeline you need to take your business to the next level. Join AAI today!

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