The Biggest Obstacle Independent Agents Face

 In Becoming an independent insurance agent

Many captive agents and producers dream of starting their own independent agency. However, there are many risks involved in going from a secure captive position to branching out on your own. The reason many independent agencies fail is a lack of carrier representation. Affordable American Insurance (AAI) is an independent broker whose mission is to minimize and remove some of those obstacles. We like to say that our members are independent, but not alone.

The reason most independent agencies fail

The more carrier representatives you have, the better you can serve your clients and grow your agency.

Captive agents have limited earning potential

Anyone will tell you that it’s unwise to invest all of your money in one stock. You want a diverse portfolio for security purposes and to be able to withstand the ebb and flow of the market. However, as a captive agent, you are forced to invest all of your time and efforts in pushing just one insurance carrier. Being a captive agent limits the product you can offer your clients. A limited product will limit your earning potential. It’s like owning an ice cream shop, but you only have chocolate and vanilla in one cone size, and you certainly don’t have any toppings or options for lactose intolerant ice cream lovers. What if you don’t want your ice cream in a cone, but in a cup? As an independent agent, you can have a variety of flavors of insurance available. As an independent agent, you can tailor the product to your client, not tailor your client to fit your product.

Increased carrier representation

The biggest obstacle new independent agents face is not being able to get the diverse portfolio of A-rated carrier representatives they need. AAI members have access to A-rated carrier representatives from the beginning.  Our members can hit the ground running with a diverse portfolio of insurance carriers to serve each client better.

Independent agents need to increase carrier representation

You can’t grow your independent agency if you don’t have representatives from A-rated insurance carriers.

Personalized client care

With a diverse portfolio of insurance carriers, you can give each client personalized care. You can customize the insurance portfolio and offer clients a choice of insurance providers. With a variety of insurance carriers, you can put the client first.

Start your agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

AAI gives captive and existing agents, writers, and producers the tools, training, and technology to maximize their potential as independent agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.

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