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Success strategy for independent insurance agents

In a competitive world, it is important for you to stand out as a leader in your industry. You need to be influential in your niche, an authority in your industry. Being a trusted adviser and the voice of reason is one of the quickest ways to build your brand and succeed as an independent insurance agent.

Succeeding as an independent insurance agent

A leader sets the tone for the conversation and continues to fuel the conversation to keep clients coming back for more trusted advice and information.

Being a leader means you have to start the conversation

One common mistake is for people to wait for their clients or their target audience to start the conversation, or to reach out to them for answers. A true leader doesn’t wait for someone else to start the conversation; a leader leads. That means that you lead the conversation, you set the tone, and you provide the guidelines. You need to open the door to your clients and be the one who starts a dialogue. At first, you may not get a lot in return, but if you are consistent with your advice and your knowledge, sharing it with your customers without expecting anything in return, people will soon start to talk back and seek you out for more information and advice.

Being a leader means being available

Once you get the conversation going and people start to reach out to you for more information, you need to make sure that you are consistently available to your clients. The Internet is a great big place, and there are plenty of places where your clients can go to get the information they need, so make sure that you make yourself available and keep your clients close. You, or someone else with the same knowledge as you, needs to be available to answer questions via email, text, social media, or any other place your clients are seeking answers.

Make your communication personal and fun

You never want to talk down to your audience or your clients. You may be an expert in your field, but you want to relay advice, answers, and information in a personal manner, making clients feel like you are talking straight to them and not just writing a generic opinion paper. You want to infuse your information with your personality; don’t be afraid to use humor or cultural references. Insurance isn’t exactly the sexiest topic to write about, so make sure you give it a little personality and flair to make it interesting for your clients to read. Make it relatable to your customers. Talk to them like peers, but with the authority of an industry expert.

Become a part of a network of peers

Network for independent insurance agents in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

A true leader isn’t afraid to align themselves with like-minded agents to give their clients the best service and information possible.

At Affordable American Insurance (AAI), we are all independent, but we succeed as a team. Reaching out to others in your industry and teaming up with like-minded individuals will only strengthen the trust between you and your clients. No one knows everything about everything. Show your clients that you aren’t afraid to team up with the competition to make sure that you are giving the best service, advice, and information to your clients.

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By starting your independent insurance agency with AAI, you become part of a large network of like-minded insurance agents who can help propel your agency to greater success. By working together and sharing information, ideas, and strategies, we are better able to serve our clients individually.

Start your independent agency in Colorado, Utah, or Arizona with AAI!

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