It’s Time to Become Your Own Boss!

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Now Is the Time to Become an Independent Insurance Agency Owner

Most people dream of becoming their own boss, but not everyone makes it happen. It takes courage and decision power to go after what you want. If you’ve been dreaming of opening up your own independent insurance agency, your timing is perfect because now is a great time to cross the bridge and turn your dream into a reality.

Customers Need More Than a One-Time Deal

Insurance is not a one-time thing. You will always need protection, but insurance needs will change over time. A captive agent can make people feel like it is just another business transaction, but independent insurance agents give a warmer experience. It’s not just about the sale, it’s about the relationship. This type of interaction generates trust and encourages people to ask for advice about their ever-changing insurance needs. An environment where they feel valued, understood and taken care of, is what clients are looking for and what independent insurance agencies offer.

Independent Insurance Agency OwnerAgents That Embrace the Digital World Are Sought After

Technology makes life easier for everyone if you embrace it. Small-business owners and insurance customers, in general, are looking for someone that gives them a great buying experience. Owning an independent insurance agency with digitally savvy agents will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Having millennials join your staff is another great strategy that can make you more appealing to your target audience.

Built-In Credibility Comes With the Job

Being an independent insurance agency owner makes you part of the small business owner crowd and that, on its own, is a huge credibility boost, mainly when doing business with other small business owners. That sends the message that when it comes to business risks, you know what you’re talking about, which generates trust and strengthens business relationships.


Currently, you’re already one step ahead if you want to enter the world of independent insurance and become your own boss. Get started! Join AAI.

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