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For some reason, starting a business, going independent, or being an entrepreneur has been labeled as something only for “young” people. Don’t let age get in your way of following your dreams and taking a leap of faith on your own business. There is no right age to start a business, but there is a right way to start a business.

Many independent agents don’t start their agency until after they’ve had a long career as captive agents. No matter who you are, the transition from captive to independent, from employee to boss, can be overwhelming. However, your age and experience have given you unique insight into your industry, and you are better equipped now to make it on your own than you would have been at the beginning of your career. Plus, you have more security in family, friends, knowledge, and life experience. Because you aren’t young and carefree, you are more likely to weigh your options properly and get yourself organized before taking the plunge to becoming an independent business owner.

Succeeding as an independent agency in Colorado, Utah, Arizona

No matter how many candles you have to blow out on your birthday cake, the AAI network will be there to support, train, and mentor you to success.

Professional support for independent agents

Because entrepreneurship has become much more popular over the past decade, there are more opportunities for people to branch out on their own, and those opportunities aren’t just for the millennials – they are for everyone.

Starting your own business is going to take you out of your comfort zone, but that is a good thing. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, don’t let fear get in your way – fear of social media, fear of new technology, fear of crowdfunding, or fear of any of the “new” ways to help people succeed. No matter what age you are, starting your own business is going to put you in situations that are unfamiliar. If this scares you, no matter what age, then being the boss may not be for you. However, if you can’t stop thinking that you could run your own agency instead of being a captive agent, then it’s time to take a chance on yourself.

Everyone is nervous when they go independent. To give yourself the chance to succeed, the first step is to try! The second step is to find a network of like-minded people who have gone through the process of becoming independent.

Becoming an independent agent

We have a growing group of agents that think like a team, act like a team, and win like a team.

Network for independent agents in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

At AAI, we want to provide anyone, no matter what age, with the opportunity to start their own agency. Starting an agency with us will give you access to courses and seminars to take you through the startup face step by step, or help you develop your existing independent agency:

  • Writing a business plan
  • Getting capital
  • Hiring the right team
  • Marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • Managing your team
  • Increasing carrier representation
  • Increasing revenue
  • And much more
Colorado's fastest growing insurance broker

Get business training, coaching, and mentoring by joining Colorado’s fastest growing insurance broker.

Coaching, training, and mentoring for independent insurance agents

Joining AAI also gives you access to an extensive network of independent agents in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona who have been where you have been and can help mentor you to success. In short, we’ll give you a turn-key business model to help you hit the ground running once you decide to become an independent agent.

With AAI, you are independent, but never alone!

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