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Make 2017 the year you finally break free from your captive agency job and take control of your destiny. Become an independent agent and be your own boss. Affordable American Insurance (AAI) can help you set up your agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah and hit the ground running in 2017.

Become an independent agency owner in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

AAI helps you make a smooth transition from captive agent to independent agency owner.

The benefits of being an independent agent

The biggest benefit of becoming an independent insurance agent is the ability to offer your clients more choice when they are choosing an insurance policy or provider. You are no longer bound by one provider and obligated to fill certain sales quotas.

When you are independent, you are free to choose the type of insurance that you want to sell, and you can find a niche in the industry to make yourself an expert and an industry leader.

When you are independent, you can research the insurance market to find areas that are under-saturated, and position yourself as an expert in that area. This gives you a unique ability to see what your customers need, where there is a gap in the industry, and how you can fill that gap to increase your customer base, improve client loyalty, and improve your customer service by focusing on one area of insurance.

As an independent agent, you are working for the customer, not the company. A growing trend in any industry is personalized customer service, and no one can give personalized customer service like an independent insurance agent.

Becoming an independent agency owner

Write your own rules as an independent agency owner.

Start an independent insurance agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

AAI can help you make a smooth transition from captive agent to independent agent. We’ll give you the tools, technology, training, and a solid network to give your independent agency every chance of success. We continue to train our members, as well as continue to improve our own best practices so that we, and all of our independent agency owners, can stay competitive.

Take your future into your own hands and open an agency with AAI!

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