Basic Tips to Run a Successful Independent Insurance Agency

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How to Manage Your Independent Insurance Agency?

Selling insurance is one thing but running an agency is something completely different. A lot goes into managing a successful agency. As an independent insurance agency owner, you are in charge of managing everything from the strategy, marketing and culture, to the most basic things.

Previous experience always helps but having some additional information, never hurt anyone. Here are some basic agency management tips to get you on your way.

Define a Business Plan

Before you even open your agency, there should be a business plan in place. But if not, this is the first thing you should tackle. Your business plan is like your blueprint. It will help you define and document important processes, which will help you remain consistent across different areas of your business.

Be Consistent and Coherent

This is essential. Your voice, as a business, should be trustworthy, and the only way to achieve that is by being consistent and coherent. Good management is an artistic skill, and these two characteristics are at the base of it. Every area of your business should be aligned with your vision. This way, it will be much easier to analyze your performance and effectiveness, as well as to achieve your goals.

How to Manage Your Independent Insurance Agency

Outline Your Sales Process

Your sales process could be approached in a few different ways. How you want to do it really depends on what works for you and your clients. You could try team selling or prefer one-on-one interaction instead. If you’re not entirely sure, look for advice in this area to find what works best for your agency.

Know How to Market Your Business

A marketing plan is a must-have. How do you plan to get your name out there for prospects to want to do business with you? Defining your target audience/market, your goals, metrics, budget, etc, should all be part of your marketing plan, so you can more effectively reach customers and potential customers.


If your business is managed properly, you will see it grow. With our turnkey business model, you’ll have a great place to start. Become an independent insurance agency owner today. Open your agency with AAI.

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