Basic Safety Tips for Skiers

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man skiing down the mountainIf this is your first time hitting the slopes (or even if it’s not your first time) there are a few safety tips to keep in mind.  Most of these tips are pretty “no-duh,” but unfortunately, many people lose all their common sense when they are about to do something adventurous and fun.  So before you get too excited, glance through these safety tips and enjoy an awesome ski trip!

Proper Equipment

Make sure you have all the proper equipment before you leave the lodge.  Aside from your basic skis, poles, and boots, make sure you have a skier’s helmet, protective eyewear, and gloves.  It’s also smart to carry a walkie-talkie so you can keep in contact with friends or family members that are skiing different slopes than you.

Dress Up

When it comes to your clothes, dress in layers so you can adjust your clothes depending on the weather.  Underdressing will make you cold, increase your chances of getting sick, or even expose you to frostbite.  Overdressing can make you sweat (which makes you wet) and will increase your chances of getting sick as well.  Dress in multiple thin layers, preferably in materials that help to wick away moisture.

Take a Class

Even if you’ve skied before, it’s smart to brush up on technique with an instructor.  If you’ve never skied before, this is a definite “must do.”  Skiing can be an exciting, yet physically demanding and potentially dangerous sport.  Take the time to get into shape and learn proper technique before you face the mountains.

Follow Directions

Make sure you keep all the rules and stick to the trails designated for you.  If you are a beginner, stick to beginner’s slopes.  Don’t get all cocky and put yourself and others at risk of injury.  Keep off of marked off trails, beware of warning signs, and practice skiing etiquette.

Just keep these tips firmly lodged in your brain, and enjoy a wonderful skiing adventure!

photo credit: Denis Messié via photopin cc

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