Asking for Help is What Strong Leaders Do

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There are many leadership skills needed to run your own business. Asking for help might be underestimated, but it truly shows the kind of leader you are.

Why is Asking for Help a Strength, Not a Weakness?

Asking for help is sometimes seen as a weakness, which is one of the reasons why many people decide to turn their back away from that urge. Often times, there’s a feeling of helplessness and inadequacy associated with asking someone for help. However, this is actually pretty far from the truth. It takes courage and strength to recognize that, no matter how hard you try, you do not have all the answers.

For leaders, this is a valuable quality to possess —the ability to go beyond themselves and admit they need help. Asking for help makes others feel appreciated and validated, because as humans, we are wired to want to help others, and doing so makes us feel good. But there are benefits for the person who decides to ask for help, too. As a leader, practicing this makes you stronger and here’s why.

Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Asking for help is not an easy thing to do, but allowing yourself to do it, puts you in a position of growth and self-improvement. Discomfort makes you change for the better, but when you’re too comfortable, you are bound to stay the same.

Why Asking for Help is a Strength, Not a WeaknessHelps You See Things from Different Perspectives

When you ask for help, you are likely to get all kinds of different responses. This can be quite an enriching experience, as you will gain different insights, advice, and opinions from a variety of people. This can spark creativity and promote problem-solving skills.

It’s a Way to Encourage Others

This is one thing you might not have considered before, but it’s true. Asking others for help sends a message to them. When you reach out to someone for help, you are essentially telling that person that you feel confident in their skills, trust their ideas, and appreciate their advice. This is a great way to build those who are around you.

To be a strong leader, you must understand that your business needs are sometimes above your own. This will motivate you to ask for help when the circumstances call for that. Instead of trying to solve everything yourself, you’ll be compelled to find other options, in order to safeguard the interests of your business. At AAI, we would love to welcome strong leaders into our business model. Join us and lead your own independent insurance agency. Start today.

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