Are You Able to Relocate and Still Be an Independent Insurance Agent?

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Relocating is a natural part of life. Sometimes, even when we have an established business, we need to move to help a family member or find better opportunities. As an independent agent, moving can be a difficult process; however, there are many things you can do to ease the transition.

Plan Ahead

While you are an independent insurance agency, you will need to make sure your new move is within Affordable American Insurance’s territory. Currently, the company serves Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. Contacting as soon as possible is recommended, as you will need to complete paperwork and discuss your arrangement in detail before proceeding.

Get Your Business Started

Unless your old office is within driving distance of your new home, you are likely going to have to relocate your office. Moving offices means carefully conducting market research and identifying the perfect location for your new office. You’ll have to go through many of the same steps that you did when you opened your business, including updating your business plan and developing a new marketing campaign. You’ll have to update your address on all professional correspondence and with the government. While this sounds like a lot of work, seasoned agents should have no problem doing all of these steps within a few weeks.

Schedule Some Down Time

Even if you are hiring movers to relocate your family and your office, you are going to be very busy. Trying to schedule time for work the week of the move is difficult and stressful, especially for those moving across state lines. Planning a few days off can help ease tension and make a move much easier for everyone involved.

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Bring Portable Technology

If your office is going to be servicing the same clients, you should bring a portable computer with you. Spend a few minutes each morning on your laptop or tablet answering emails. If there is an emergency, you will be able to handle it remotely. Working remotely is a good compromise for owners who feel like they can’t take a full week off of work.

Get Additional Support

Moving a business is a complicated process with several steps. At Affordable American Insurance, we want to support our agents when life changes. Contact us to learn about our policies on relocating your business or get tips on how to move your office.

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