Are You a Boss or a Leader?

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Boss vs Leader: Which Does Your Independent Insurance Agency Need?

Bosses are everywhere, but leaders? Those are hard to find. When you’re in charge, it can be real easy to slip into the role of the “boss” when actually, what your team and your agency need is a leader. How do you know if you’re wearing your ‘boss’ hat or your ‘leader’ hat? Well, each has its own set of traits. Here are 5 of the biggest differences:

Leaders Build Trust Rather Than Fear

A boss expects to always be right and influences their teams by generating fear, but leaders focus on developing a trusting relationship with their teams, so that there’s an open communication channel that makes it easier to collaborate since they make themselves approachable.

Leaders Build Their Teams

Leaders like to mentor people so that they can grow and become more successful. Bosses, on the other hand, always want to be the boss and don’t usually motivate their employees to build their career out of fear of losing their position.

Boss vs Leader: Which Does Your Independent Insurance Agency Need?Leaders Develop Self-Accountability in Others

Micromanaging is a common practice for bosses. Since they rely on fear for things to get done, they need to micromanage to hold people accountable and ensure things move along. In contrast, leaders develop confidence and passion in their people, which promotes self-accountability.

Leaders Understand There’s Always Room to Grow

Bosses believe they know everything there is to know, so they never seek more knowledge. Leaders believe in constant learning and self-improvement, and they take pleasure in learning new things.

Leaders Teach Their Teams the Why and How of Things

Sustainable solutions are what leaders desire. So, instead of just telling people what to do, they show people how to do it and why. This method makes learning more sustainable and easier to transfer.


So, are you a leader or a boss? AAI loves to work with strong leaders with a vision to take things to the next level. Take the first step toward a successful career as an independent insurance agency owner. Join AAI today.

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