Apart But Not Alone: The Benefits of Joining AAI

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Why Joining Affordable American Insurance is a Good Career Move

It’s times like these that force us to change, and change either helps us grow or teaches us lessons for the future.

For every insurance agent, there comes a time to make a choice: to make or continue a career as a captive agent or become an independent insurance agent. Which way should you go? With the current global situation, this might be a tough question to ask yourself. However, it is those same circumstances that might require you to make a change.

If you’re currently a captive agent, you might be putting off your dream of going independent because of this uncertain reality we’re living in today. On the other hand, if you’re currently an independent agent —but one who’s entirely on their own— you might be experiencing the impact of the quotas being placed on you by the insurance carriers because you’re not currently part of a group that can support you. It’s a tough time for everyone, but still, one right decision could turn things around for the better.

Becoming an independent insurance agent comes with many benefits. But particularly today, joining a business development focused member association, like Affordable American Insurance, can be a fantastic career move —even though it may feel like a massive leap of faith.

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Exceptional Ongoing Support

AAI is a big family, and as families do, we take care of our own. Always.

We provide our agents with a wide array of insurance products from different companies to help them satisfy the needs of all their prospects and clients, but our support goes beyond that.

We offer initial and ongoing training and support, so we will always have our agents’ back. Despite our current situation, all AAI agencies are still open, and all our agents and staff are safely working from home, which was —in fact— a rather seamless transition.

We have brainstorming sessions to come up with the best ways to equip our members with the tips, tools, and resources they need to keep their operation running smoothly, continue to grow, and remain focused. We train them on how to have productive virtual meetings with their clients to keep the personal touch, and much more.

Here are some more ways in which we have been supporting our agents to ensure they can continue to succeed:

  • Organize AAI-only webinars with two of our leading carriers for additional training.
  • Promote continuous communication by calling our agents to stay in touch, answer questions, show support.
  • Frequent strategy sessions to talk about any issues we have heard from agents about to formulate possible solutions.
  • Connect agents if they can share an experience or a workaround.
  • Always provide a one-stop resource for agents, not just during times of uncertainty.


You can still live your dream of becoming an independent insurance agency owner while being confident that you will never be alone. We’ll always have your back. ;)

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