All You Need is One Good Producer

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One of the single hardest jobs you’ll have to do as the owner of an independent agency is hiring, nurturing, and keeping good producers. To get the best producer, you will need to sell your agency to them. Good producers are hard to come by, so you need to fight for them.

Selling your new agency to seasoned producers

This is where your mission statement comes into play. Great producers will need a good reason to take a chance on a new agency. Because you don’t yet have a reputation in the industry, you’ll need to sell producers on your vision, passion, and your goals. Of course, none of that will mean anything if you can’t also show your producers a clear path to reaching your goals.

Hiring producers for your independent agency

If you don’t know your goals and how to reach them, then you won’t be able to convince a great producer to take a chance on your agency.

In short, you need a solid business plan and industry research to convince the great producers to work for your agency.

Find a producer who shares your sales values

The number one reason you are hiring a producer is for them to produce sales. But, their sales technique should also match your values. Great salespeople do tend to be more aggressive than others, but there is a way to be aggressive without scaring people into buying insurance.

When you encounter salespeople in your private life, try to take note of their technique. If you end up buying from a salesperson, see if you can figure out what it was that made you buy from one person and not another. There are products that sell themselves, insurance isn’t one of them. Plus, you’re not the only agency out there, so make sure you hire the type of producers who are going to represent you and our agency. Reputation is everything as a small agency. You can’t afford to get a reputation for overly aggressive sales techniques.

Tips for Colorado insurance agents

All it takes is one good producer to hep your agency grow.

Hire outside of the insurance industry

Keep the door open to salespeople from other industries. As long as you share the same vision and goals, an outsider could easily become one of the greatest producers for your agency. And, this could be your chance to nurture someone from the ground up, just like you are now starting from the ground up with your new agency. You are the boss, you make the rules.

Don’t rush to hire

Just don’t rush into hiring someone because you “really like them,” you have to ask tough questions when hiring a producer. It’s better to wait a little longer to find the perfect producer, than to rush the process and waste time and money training, losing, hiring, and training new producers again and again.

Once you find that good producer that fits perfectly into your company’s culture and will help you build a solid reputation for quality and professionalism, other good producers will follow.

Tips for entrepreneurs in Colorado

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