All of Your Employees Should Be Sales People

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Every person you hire for your independent agency or small business should be a salesperson. Building a successful business is as much about sales and numbers, as it is about developing a strong reputation in your industry.

Hiring the right team for your business

All of your employees should be sales people. They are all a reflection of your company.

Your team is a reflection of your business

Your assistant or office manager may not be selling to your clients, but they are going to ensure that you and your sales team are able to sell to clients. In fact, sometimes clients tend to come in contact with assistants and office managers before they sit down with a salesperson or producer. The person who answers the phones and makes sure the coffee is also hot is going to be the first impression that many people get when they call or stop by your business.

You may be the nicest, smartest, super salesperson, but if your clients have to go through a grumpy receptionist, or office manager before they meet with you, they may have ruined your chances of a sale.

Shared goals and values

When you hire, make sure that you hire people who share your passion, values, and goals. You are building a team that is going to strengthen your company, and in the end, everybody wins. When you hire for your new agency or startup, you want to sell people on the chance to build something from the ground up, to be a part of something that has limitless potential.

Tips for independent agents

Hire on purpose, not out of desperation.

Make sure you hire on purpose, and not because you are overwhelmed and need extra help immediately. Hiring the wrong person could set you back even further, and too much employee turnover could damage your company’s reputation.

You have to fire a bad hire

You will make hiring mistakes. Sometimes people sell themselves one way but turn out quite differently in reality. This can happen to the best of us. The only way to handle a bad hiring is a swift firing. Don’t keep people around because you feel guilty, or you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. If you can’t fire, then you shouldn’t be hiring in the first place.

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