Party Like an Insurance Agent

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Don’t have one of those? Well, many bands will play for free if they are just starting out, you just have to find them.

Who’s bringing the food? Any employee can bring it, but if you just rocked the quarter then splurge a little and cater something in. If you are an insurance agent, order from one of your clients- it will help build a long lasting business relationship. Lastly, we get to one of the main reasons people show up for these types of events, the free drinks.

It’s a party that’s going to rock!

Liquor liability can save you from many harmful outcomes, but first what is it? Liquor liability protects you from one of your drunken partiers hurting someone or damaging property.

You may want liquor liability if your company manufactures, serves, sells, or facilitates the consumption of alcohol. Liquor liability should be added to your commercial policy because your standard business liability may not cover alcohol related claims.

When shopping for this type of insurance there are a few things you should look for:

• Assault and Battery Coverage
• Defense Costs
• Employees Included
• Damages- Physical and Mental
• Discounts for Safety and no Claims

Ask your local independent Affordable American Insurance agent or drop us a comment.

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