Affordable American Insurance Winterization Check List

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Home Winterization Check List:

  1. Check your heating system in October to make sure it works.
    • Replace the air filter.
    • Clear your vents.
  2. Clean your air conditioner and then cover it so it will not be damage by wet freezing leaves.
  3. Check your chimney.
    • Make sure there are no animals living in it.
    •  Make sure the flue works.
    • Check for cracks in the fire brick to prevent possible fires.
  4. Insulate your exposed pipes.
    • Turn off outside faucets from the inside.
    • Take the hose off the outside faucet.
  5. Check for air leaks around your windows on a windy day.
  6. Check the weather stripping on your doors.
  7. Check for your roof for missing shingles.
  8. Blow out the Sprinklers.
  9. Winterize your plants and landscape.

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Car Winterization Check List:

  1. Check your Antifreeze before it gets cold.
    • It protects your engine from overheating.
    • If your Antifreeze is low after refilling you may have a leak
  2. Keep antifreeze away from children, it looks like a child’s drink and if consumed it could be fatal.
  3. Put your snow tires on or make sure your tires have plenty of tread on them.
  4. Make sure your tires have enough air in them.
  5. Replace your windshield’s wiper blades.
  6. Make sure everyone in your house knows how to switch your car into 4wd.
  7. Prepare an emergency kit:
    • Cell phone
    • Candle and a lighter or something to light it
    • Blanket
    • Beverages (no alcohol)
    • Snacks (Cheezits are always good or some Oreos but they might not last too long if you get hungry when it is nice out)
    • Signal devices (flares, flags, mirrors stuff that will be seen in a snow storm if you get stuck)
    • If you get stranded stay in your car, it will provide a warmer shelter.  Your car will be easier to find than if you just start to walk on foot. .

If you would like to know more information about winterizing your vehicle read this article.

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