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The Olympics often brings back a lot of memories for many of us. It proves that we can accomplish anything. It is that drive that makes Utah and the Salt Lake area great.  There are rumors that Salt Lake City will try and get the 2022 Winter Olympics. We won’t know for sure till 2015. For more information about the Olympics visit

Affordable American Insurance

It is the Olympic drive that keeps Affordable American Insurance striving towards success. We are small right now but have huge plans and bigger hearts. You may have never heard of the Olympics being compared to an insurance company but here we go. Affordable American Insurance is like Olympian in the way we compete. We sell insurance from many insurance companies while Olympians compete in multiple events. “It is similar but it is as close as I could get”.

Everybody wants to be the best at something and receive the gold medal. We want to be the best at insurance. If you are searching for new insurance give one of our local offices a call and we will be happy to give you quotes from multiple companies. If your rates are ever increased, we can always shop your policy with one of our other carriers.

We want to help you save money on your insurance so you can do the things that you love.

Affordable American Insurance

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Affordable American Insurance
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