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Richard Wilson Agency

Outside of Richard Wilson’s Affordable American Insurance Agency in Westminster.

Starting an Affordable American Insurance Agency can be a challenge, and it takes a very dedicated person to be successful. Richard Wilson is a prime example of how a person can take charge of their business.

Who Is Richard Wilson?

Richard Wilson has been a successful AAI agent for 11 years and his agency – the Richard Wilson Agency – is continuing to grow. Mr. Wilson’s philosophy is to embrace his rich Jamaican heritage and help people. He understands the importance of professionalism and demonstrating excellent character traits. Whether he is talking about a barbecue or providing an insurance quote, Mr. Wilson always puts his best foot forward.

A Welcoming Location for Businesses

Richard Wilson Agency recently relocated to Westminister, Colorado, on a beautiful corner lot surrounded by trees. This gorgeous location leaves plenty of room for growth, making it ideal for a thriving Affordable American Insurance agent.

Mr. Wilson chose an excellent location for his office, and not just because of the trees and room for a barbecue, but because the site is very convenient for other business owners. A large sign out front welcomes walk-in traffic, helping the agency rope in more clients. Local business owners know they can turn to Mr. Wilson to get the answers to all of their insurance-related questions.

Richard Wilsons desk

Richard Wilson creates a welcoming environment for his visitors and clients.

The Richard Wilson Agency Mission

While you may frequently hear Mr. Wilson tell you that need to try some jerk chicken on the barbecue, he can do much more than cook, and always does business before the barbecue. What makes Mr. Wilson stand out as an AAI agent is his strong mission statement: “to protect your assets and exceed your expectations!”

With a great work ethic, it is easy to see why Richard Wilson Agency is continuing to expand. By using excellent customer service skills and building rapport with walk-in clients, Richard Wilson can continue to grow his agency.

Grow Your Insurance Agency

Richard Wilson is one of many growing Affordable American Insurance agents. To learn how you can take charge of your business and expand, please contact us today. We are always here to help.

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