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Don’t forget to review your insurance policy.

Even though Denver is experiencing spring like weather we have to watch out.  March is still the snowiest month for Denver.  The first day of spring falls on the spring equinox and happens to fall on March 20th.  The spring equinox is great because days start to be lighter for longer.  It allows us to take a nice walk outside after work while it is still sunny out.

Time to Clean up the…

It is spring and that means spring cleaning.  What have you been putting off till it gets warmer?  Leave us a comment.  For some of us, the garage has been neglected for a couple of months and with the weather changing it is time to get organized.  Let’s spend some time cleaning and getting organized this week.

Spring Break!

Next week starts spring break for Metropolitan State College of Denver, University of Colorado Denver and our local Front Range Community College. Spring break is a great time to relax and get your huge projects done.  Do you remember a time when one of your teachers gave you a huge project that was due right when you got back from spring break?  Drop us a comment and let’s talk about it.

A Spring Review

Spring is a perfect time to review your insurance policy.  When was the last time you talked with your insurance agent about your coverage?

Auto Insurance

Did your son or daughter just get their license?  This could change your rate on your insurance.  Contact your local Affordable Insurance Agent and they will help you get a policy that is right for this section of your life.

Life Insurance

Do your children have a small life insurance policy?  If not call your local Affordable American Insurance agent and they can help you get a good life insurance policy for your child.

Affordable American Insurance

Affordable American Insurance is a local Independent Insurance broker meaning we represent multiple insurance companies.  If you need insurance, we can match a policy with a company that is right for you.  We have offices all across the state from Pueblo to Greeley and over 35 offices in the Denver Metro area.  We even have an agent in the Vail.
You can always get a quote online from the comfort of your home.

More Companies. More Options. More Savings.

Affordable American Insurance

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