A Paperless Agency is Efficient and Socially Responsible

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If you’re not doing something to help our planet or the people who live on it, then your business is at risk of being overshadowed by those businesses that practice social responsibility. Most customers these days, whether it’s buying fair trade products or life insurance, are willing to spend more money on a product or service if the company behind it is doing something for the betterment of the world. Dedication to protecting our planet speaks volumes to your clientele, and a simple step towards fulfilling that promise is running a paperless office.

Being socially responsible and efficient as an independent insurance agent in Colorado

Finding physical space for all your paper documents is costly and inefficient. Go paperless where you can.

Running a paperless office will improve your customer service

If you’re just making the transition from captive agent to independent agent, make the decision from the jump to run as paperless as you can as an insurance office. That way you won’t have to re-train your staff or deal with an awkward transition period, implement a paperless policy from the jump and factor it into your business plan and part of your strategy for success.

Going paperless isn’t just going to attract new clientele, a paperless office will have big benefits for your productivity. Not having to print, file, and continue to find physical space to store paper documents, is going to save you time and money. And with most of your employees working from home or wherever there is free WiFi, having an electronic filing system that everyone can access from anywhere is going to be a big benefit to the efficiency of your business.

Tips for independent insurance agents in Colorado

Running a paperless office is a great way to be socially responsible and efficient as an independent insurance agent in Colorado.

Expedite and solve problems more quickly with a paperless office

You will also never have to put a customer on hold, or say the phrase “let me call you back once I’ve located your file”. Your customer service will improve, and you will be able to expedite and solve problems much quicker than if you are still working with paper documents. A paperless company – besides being the environmentally responsible choice is also going to appeal more to Millennials who most likely have never had to deal with a manilla folder in their lives. They don’t understand why something isn’t accessible to them right when they want it. You need to speak their language, meet them on their playing field, and that playing field is somewhere in the (electronic) clouds, or on their smartphones and tablets.

How to be socially responsible and efficient as an independent insurance agent in Colorado

Stop wasting time searching through physical documents. Go paperless and spend more time focusing on your customers than searching for a missing file in an overcrowded filing cabinet.

Running a paperless insurance agency in Colorado

A paperless office is such an easy step for any independent insurance agent to take. And, it has the bonus of maximizing your firm’s efficiency as well as let your customers know that you are about more than just dollars and cents.

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