A Day in the Life of an Independent Broker

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The first day as an independent broker is one filled with excitement and a little bit of terror. Here you are, on your own, with no one to guide you but yourself. Finally, you don’t have that boss looking over your shoulder, and if you made the jump from a captive agent, you are no longer bound by the shackles of one single insurance company. You are finally free! Free to sell the best insurance to your clients. Free to set your goals. Free to find your purpose. Free to make mistakes?

Tips for new independent insurance agents in Colorado

It’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed on your first day as your own boss. Start your day by setting realistic goals.

Being organized is key to your success as an independent insurance agent

The first day as an independent agent is always a little chaotic. You feel a little like a chicken with your head cut off, unable to focus, and a little dizzy thinking about all the things you need to accomplish.

Then there’s the awesome sense of power that comes with being your own boss. It can be hard not to test that power, test your newfound independence. It’s a little bit like the first time you moved away from home, or your first night in the dorms. All of a sudden your mom and dad aren’t there to tell you what to do and when to do it. For most of us, that meant throwing our wet towel on the floor, and eating ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, just because we could! But we quickly learned that cookies would not sustain us through three-hour history lectures, and more homework than we ever thought imaginable.

Starting your own business is not just one big pool party. It’s very hard work, and you need to be focused, organized and determined to get the most out of it, and to succeed. For the first time, every decision falls on your shoulders, and if your business fails, you are the only person to blame.

Tips for new independent insurance agents in Colorado

Get organized before you start your day.

Make a daily to-do list to keep track of your progress

The first thing you need to do on your first day as an independent agent is to sit down and create a daily to-do list. It is important to start out organized because every second counts. If you spend the first day starting a million different things, but accomplishing nothing, then you are already behind schedule.

Set a goal for yourself:

  • What type of insurance am I going to focus on?
  • Where can I reach my target market?
  • How many appointments am I going to make?
Affordable American Insurance can help Colorado entrepreneurs start a business and build a network.

Your future as a successful independent insurance agent starts with AAI.

Be sure to set realistic goals, because part of keeping you motivated is being able to celebrate small successes along the way. Don’t try for too much too soon. Your goal may eventually be to sell auto, life, umbrella, health, home, business, and liability insurance, but on your first day, pick one type of insurance and focus on selling that insurance to the best of your abilities. It is better to market yourself as an expert in one type of insurance, rather than being a mediocre agent that sells all kinds of insurance, but has no expertise in any.

And, when those days come when you feel overwhelmed and defeated, that’s when you reach out to your AAI network. Remember, you are independent, but you are not alone!

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