7 Tips to Deter Car Thieves

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car-thiefCar theft is a growing concern and an expensive casualty if you fall victim to this crime. There are many reasons that cars are stolen, some of which are: to resell the automobile, to sell parts of the automobile, to steal valuable items inside the car, or to use the vehicle to transport other stolen materials.

Don’t let yourself become a victim! Follow these tips to prevent thieves from stealing your car.

1. Lock the Car

If the car is unlocked a thief can enter very quickly, without being noticed.

2. Take Your Keys

If the keys are there waiting for them, they can drive away in the blink of an eye.

3. Close Windows

Close all windows and sunroofs. Leaving the windows open just a crack is all they need. If you worry about your car over-heating, invest in a sunshade instead.

4. Don’t Leave Valuables

The best option is to take all your valuables with you as you exit the car. However, if you need to leave something in your vehicle, make sure it is hidden and out of view.

5. Park in Bright Areas

Most car thefts take place at night and a car parked in a dark corner of the lot is less noticeable to passersby.

6. Turn Wheels

Some car thefts are completed by the use of a tow truck. Turn your tires in toward the curb or to the side when parking and engage your parking break. This will make it harder to tow.

7. Antitheft Devices

Consider adding an antitheft device to your car. Anything from a car alarm, steering wheel lock, tracking system, or a smart key will help protect your investment.

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