6 Things You Can Do to Lower Your Electric Bill This Summer

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Dealing with the summer heat doesn’t have to be the choice between two evils—unbearable heat or a sky-high electric bill. Here are 6 easy things you can do around the house to beat the heat, and keep your electric bill under control at the same time.

Air conditioner78 is the Magic Number

As tempting as it is to ride the air conditioning for all its worth, keeping your home at a cool 70 degrees all summer long can get expensive.

78 degrees is a temperature that is much easier on your pocketbook, while being adequately comfortable at the same time.

Get Grilling Outside

Grilling is quintessential summer living. It’s as natural as hot chocolate in the winter.

And it helps lower your electric bill, too. That’s because you won’t be heating up your home by running the stove inside.

Stock a Full Fridge

The more filled with stuff a fridge is, the easier it is to hold a steady temperature. That means it will use less electricity keeping your food cold—so keep that fridge stocked to the max!

Clothes lineDry your Clothes on the Line

Running your dryer during the summer is like turning on a space heater in the laundry room.  Fortunately, summertime is like one big clothes dryer. Take advantage of Mother Nature’s drying abilities, and hang your wet clothes out on the line.

Circulate air with a fan

Did you know that a light breeze will make you feel cooler, even without the temperature actually being any lower? Give your air conditioner a break and get the air flowing around your home with ceiling fans.

Block out Heat with Shades/Blinds

You know how hot a car sitting in the sun can get, right? Well, the sun has the same effect on your home if you allow it to shine through your windows. But if you block it out by drawing the blinds and shades, then you’ll keep your house from turning into a sauna.

Surviving the summer heat doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Check out our recent blog post on staying cool in the summertime!

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