6 Reasons Why People Choose Independent Insurance Agencies

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To make the best choices about insurance coverage, it’s necessary to have the best insurance agent on your side. Many people choose to take their business to independent insurance agencies, and here’s why.

The Benefits of Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency

Buying insurance is a complex transaction. It’s not one of those things you can do without thinking it through. When it comes to protecting your finances and assets, not only do you want to make sure you get the best value for your money, and to do that with the help of a great advisor. There’s certainly a difference between dealing with captive and independent insurance agents. Here are some of the reasons why people go for independent insurance agencies to fulfill their insurance needs:

More Coverage Options

One of the main reasons why many choose independent agents, is the fact that they can offer more insurance options along with a wide variety of prices. Why? Because independent insurance agencies work with various different insurance companies, meaning they can offer more products that can best meet insurance needs.


Since independent insurance agencies represent many different companies, they are able to help you fulfill many of your insurance needs at once. You can get auto, home, health, life insurance, business insurance, and more, all in one place, with the help of one agent.

The Benefits of Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency

The industry knowledge of independent insurance agents can help make better insurance decisions.

Licensed Experts

Having an insurance industry expert for an agent means you are provided with more information and simpler, more accurate explanations related to the complexities of insurance, which can help you make better-informed decisions.


Independent insurance agencies are located near you. They are your neighbors, which gives you easy access to top-quality insurance products and insurance advice whenever you need it.

Personal Advisers

Part of the beauty of independent agents is that they take time to listen to your needs, so they can provide you with the best options that closest fit your budget while making sure you are properly covered.

Lifetime Consultants

When you choose an independent insurance agency, you are rarely going to have a one-time transaction. Your agent will become part of your life, as you need to periodically review your coverage. They help you through many different stages of life that trigger new insurance needs, like buying a house, getting married, having children, or buying a car.


As more and more people become aware of the great benefits of choosing an independent insurance agency for all their insurance needs, there is more business opportunity for this industry. It’s a good time to become part of the independent insurance family. Join AAI today and start working in an industry that is full of great opportunities.

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