5 Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

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You don’t need to be told that summers can get hot. That’s pretty much a given.

The heat can be nice when you’re sunbathing on a beach, or when you’re swimming at the pool. But overexposure to high temperatures can be dangerous and even life threatening in extreme circumstances.

Staying cool this summer will not only protect you from things like heat exhaustion, but you’ll be much more comfortable, as well. Here are 5 tips to help you stay cool during the summer.

Be aware of the temperature

If you knew it was 102 degrees outside, you probably wouldn’t want to go for a jog. Knowing how hot it is allows you to arrange your schedule and alter your activities to account for the heat.

Monitor your hydration

When the heat goes up, you need more fluids to stay hydrated. For those extra hot days, be sure to drink more water and cool liquids. Alcohol, however, can impair your ability to regulate your body’s temperature.

Cover windows that get direct sunlight

Sunlight can make your house feel like a furnace in the summer. Shut out the sun by drawing blinds and closing drapes in the morning.

Colorado SummersOpen windows when it cools in the evening

As the temperature drops to a more manageable level in the evening, take advantage of some natural air conditioning by opening up your windows and circulating the cool air throughout your house.

Move the air with some fans

A breeze of any kind can help cool you down, even if it’s not cool air. Place fans around the house, and take a battery-powered hand held fan with you when you go to outdoor events.

By being a little pro-active, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy the summer months and avoid the dangers that come with the extra heat.

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