5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Get People to Your Website

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Getting traffic to your insurance agency’s website can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, there are several ways you can attract traffic without spamming or having a big marketing budget.

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Develop the Perfect Digital Marketing Plan

Before you start trying to get people to your website, make sure it looks its best. Once it is presentable, start planning all aspects of your website and how to market it. Having a realistic digital marketing plan helps you avoid many problems down the road. After carefully developing your plan, you can start taking action.

Here are a few great techniques for boosting website traffic.

1) Add Engaging Content

Sometimes, just adding more or better content is all you need to encourage people to visit. Try writing a blog and updating it regularly. Then, work on adding interactive features, such as videos. This effort will keep people coming back and allow you to build a regular following.

2) Learn a Little About SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps your website get seen in search results. Best SEO practices for independent insurance agents are always changing, so it is important to follow the latest trends.

3) Post on Social Media

One of the many mistakes bloggers can make is not getting involved with social media. These networks are a great source for backlinks. Whenever you make an update, post about it on your social media accounts. You can also direct people to your blog posts using comments. Just make sure each comment is relevant to the conversation and try to be genuinely helpful.

4) Add Your Website to Your Business Cards

If you are networking offline, you should be promoting your website. Make sure your website is listed on all promotional materials to maximize your results.

5) Create a Google+ Business Page

Listing your website address on multiple social media networks is important, but Google+ should take priority. While Google+ doesn’t have the active user base of Facebook or Twitter, it is a crucial tool for the modern business. Creating a business page allows you to connect to Google Maps easily. You’ll have the option to add a link to your website, which can provide you with more traffic.

Website Support and Development

At Affordable American Insurance, we work hard to ensure every independent insurance agency has the website they need to rope in new clientele. Contact us today to learn how you can improve your digital marketing strategy.

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