5 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for You and Your Kitchen

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The holiday season is just beginning, and it all kicks off with Thanksgiving.  This important holiday is a wonderful time to show our gratitude, but it also comes with several hazards in your kitchen and home.

We all want Thanksgiving to run as smoothly as possible, and with these 5 tips you should have a safer holiday!

1. Keep Your Travel Plans Private

Many people travel home for the holidays, and in a world that is run by social media it is tempting to share the news on your feed.  Avoiding this temptation is a key to keeping your home safe while you travel. Keep your travel plans private and your home will stay safe.

2. Make Cleanliness a Priority

Keeping your kitchen and home clean during your Thanksgiving preparations is extremely important.  This will prevent cross contamination, and keep tripping hazards out of your way.

3. Remember Turkey Safety

Undercooked or poorly thawed turkeys can be majorly unpleasant.  So skip the hassle and make sure to get an internal temperature of 165.

4. Never Leave Your Stove Unattended

In the middle of your hectic Thanksgiving preparations it’s easy to forget one detail while you step out.  If you have anything cooking in the kitchen, it is important to stick around until the cooking is complete.

5. Dress Appropriately in the Kitchen

Loose clothing can be comfortable, but in the kitchen it presents a serious risk.  Keep safe in the kitchen with appropriate clothing that doesn’t put you at risk.

This is a wonderful season, and the Thanksgiving holiday is full of gratitude, excitement and fun.  With these safety tips, you will have a Thanksgiving you’ll remember forever!

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