5 Easy Ways to Babyproof Your Home

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Whether you already have a brood to look after or you’re expecting your first, having a child changes the way you look at your home. It should be a place of safety and protection, and many parents or guardians can feel overwhelmed with the task of making it so. We have five easy-to-follow steps to help you get started on babyproofing your home, without assle or fuss.

See What Your Baby Sees

Seeing through your child’s eyes is the easiest way to spot potential danger zones. Get on your hands and knees in each room of the house and look around. What would be tempting for a child to open? Pay particular attention in the kitchen and the bathroom; these two rooms are generally the most laden with hazards for young children.

Get the Necessary Gear

If possible, make sure you have everything you need before the baby arrives. This includes a car seat that is fitted properly, plugs for the outlets, and latches for all the cabinets. Depending on your home’s layout, safety gates can also be used to give your child freedom of movement while keeping them within your sightline.

Fix the Furniture

There are two main steps to follow when babyproofing your furniture. First, get protective covers for sharp edges. Second, anchor tall or heavy furniture to prevent your child from pulling it over.

Keep Things Out of Reach

Put all potentially dangerous or poisonous materials in the highest cabinets and lock them shut. Fragile or glass objects should also be put out of reach. Always put gadgets or electronics, such as hairdryers, away after use. Try to keep pots and pans on the back burners of stoves and avoid putting towels on the oven door.

Supervision Is Key

No precaution will do more to protect your baby than supervision. Remain diligent, even when you feel it is safe to leave your child alone. Combined with these babyproofing tips, you can feel more confident in making your home a safe refuge for you and your family.

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