4 Surefire Ways to get Kicked off a Flight

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What better way to start a vacation then by being kicked off a plane? This could be particularly true if it involves a vacation to the in-laws or a dreaded trip that your hubby planned for you. If trying to get out of it, here are some good ways to do it!

Be as Vulgar as Possible

There is no airline out there that won’t notice a person who starts using expletives after every other word. You will win doubly because not only will you get noticed by the airline stewardists, but all of the passengers aboard won’t like you either.

Look Sick

If you look like you are going to throw up before you even get on the plane, most airlines will have you take a break and try again another day. You can look nauseous or you could try foaming at the mouth, which would probably get some attention as well.

Get Fat

It is pretty obvious that if you are too big for your seat, there is not much the airline can do for you. This one may take some planning and time to achieve though and there may be some drawbacks, so it might be better to go with the first two.

Kids plugging noseForget Showering

If you smell like your great grandma who has been dead for years, then you probably have a pretty good chance of being kicked off the plane. There have been multiple odor offenders who have been ejected in the past, so this is a surefire way of getting it done.

While all of these ideas may be sure-fire ways to get kicked off of your flight, you may just want to tell your hubby that you don’t want to go instead of embarrassing yourself on a flight. You never know, you might just end up on the news and that is not what you want at all!

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