3 Tips on How to Market Your Independent Insurance Agency

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Marketing Tips for Independent Insurance Agency Owners

Every independent insurance agency owner is always looking for ways to market their business. There are many ways to do this. It’s all about aligning your marketing strategies with your business vision and goals, and of course, preference and budget are factors, too. Here are 3 tips to market your independent insurance agency.

Clean Up Your Data

First things first. If your database is jam-packed with contacts that are not any good, all your marketing efforts will most likely go to waste. It’s best to do a little clean up before you start marketing your agency, to ensure that the message is delivered to the right people, especially if you’re sending newsletters.

Low open or click rates can be harmful to your business, and it can also impact your ability to expand. Have it as a regular practice to take care of those unsubscribe requests and get your data cleaned up so that your marketing efforts are worth it.

Marketing Tips for Independent Insurance Agency OwnersBe the Source of Useful Information

Two words. Content marketing. Of course, your priority is always going to be selling insurance, but to do that, you need the help of other tools and resources. That’s what marketing is for. Content marketing is the best way for you to become a resource for insurance information. This includes blogs, emails and so on.

Insurance is not like bread that you buy fresh every day at the grocery store. It’s a long-term product, so you want to make sure you stay top of mind during the time in between transactions so that when your clients need insurance again, they know exactly who to call. Providing valuable information that speaks to your clients’ needs will help you achieve this.

Get Creative to Get Referrals

Referrals are a big deal in the insurance industry but, at times, they can be hard to get. The best approach is to motivate your customers to refer you to their family and friends. For example, a referral contest can be a great way to promote this practice. Whoever refers the most people can get a prize, like a cash gift card or a discount. These types of prizes tend to be more effective than giving out things like TVs or smartphones. Of course, before doing so, make sure you think about the contingencies and communicate them to your customers. This is to ensure that both your agency and your customers see the benefits.

Part of being successful is having someone that has your back. Start your journey into the independent insurance world as the owner of your agency. Join the AAI family today. Family always has your back.

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