3 Fun Ways to Boost Engagement

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Boosting engagement is one of the most challenging parts of digital marketing. While you can buy advertising space to get traffic, you can’t control what visitors do when they arrive at your page. If you are having trouble getting engagement, try one of these methods for your independent insurance agency.

Insurance industry insights for independent agents

When you discuss other bloggers and products, you are showing off your industry knowledge and appreciation for a community.

Talk About Other Bloggers or Companies

While most people will advise bloggers only share non-competitive links, sometimes mentioning others is an easy way to tap into another fan base. If another blogger or company genuinely inspired you or has valuable information that would be relevant to your audience, you should share it. After blogging about it, be sure to mention the other person on social media with a link to anything you’ve posted.

If you are discussing a popular idea on your site, people will likely have an opinion they want to share. Try to keep everything positive and uplifting; a good post could be the start of a new relationship. Just don’t use this method too often!

Interview a Group of People

If you want to create an informative blog post, try doing an extensive survey. One way to boost engagement across social media and your blog is to create a survey. Invite people to take the survey, getting them onto your social media. Then, collect data from the survey and analyze it. Write a blog post about your findings, mentioning the survey. People who participated will naturally want to compare their choices and see how the information is being used.

Join More Communities

People love interacting with people they already know. If your engagement levels on social media are falling, try joining several groups related to insurance and just start talking. Don’t join to send links to your content; hold a genuine conversation. People are naturally curious, and the more you interact, the more people will want to know about your business. If they discover your blog or social media after interacting with you, they are far more likely to want to comment, share, set up a meeting, or buy.

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At Affordable American Insurance, we want to help you build an audience that loves interacting with your business. Contact us today to learn more great marketing tips for your business.

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