3 Challenges Faced by Independent Insurance Agents

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The Challenges of Being an Independent Insurance Agent & Tips to Overcome Them

Every job and every journey has its benefits, as well as its struggles. Although, being an independent insurance agent has a lot of advantages, it is also true that it’s a career that has certain challenges. Here are some of those challenges, and how to overcome them:

Keeping Up with Changing Regulations

The insurance industry is not the only one that must follow many regulations, state and federal. These regulations can change a lot over the years and, at times, it can be a little overwhelming to keep up with them, especially if you let them add up. To make sure you’re providing the best possible service to your customers, it is certainly in your best interest, as an independent insurance agent, to stay on top of updates related to the industry. Technology makes it easier to stay informed. Subscribe to newspapers, magazines or blogs that share insurance related news. This will require some time out of our routine, but it will be worth it.

Generating Leads

The responsibility of lead generation can fall into different hands depending on the company or agency. Some will rely on agents for this purpose. And yes, generating leads can seem like an intimidating process for some, even for those with more experience. Resorting to technology —digital marketing, social media, email marketing— is a great way to generate leads. Additionally, networking is also essential to this process, as it allows you to generate partnerships and open doors.

The Challenges of Being an Independent Insurance Agent & Tips to Overcome Them


One thing that makes insurance agencies successful, is their ability to stay top-of-mind. That can be done through marketing efforts, but also, through networking. As important as networking can be, the truth is, it can be very, very time-consuming. It requires you to separate from your —also critical— daily tasks, so you can be present at events, meetings, calls, etc. Since eliminating networking from your to-do list is really not an option, managing your time and organizing your schedule to fit in a few networking hours every week, will do the trick. You don’t have to dedicate your entire day to it, but you should be intentional in making it part of your routine.


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