3 Big Saving Tips When Looking for Insurance

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We all want to protect our homes, but we don’t always know the best way to do so.  Below are some tips to find an insurance plan that is best suited to you and your situation.  Better still, these tips can help you save money!

1. Shop around

The majority of Americans have access to the Internet, whether through personal computers, desktops, or Internet cafes and public libraries.  This means that shopping for an insurance policy has been easier than ever.  Before you even get a quote, compare different companies.  Which have the best ratings?  Which offer the most coverage per dollar?  Which have the shortest claim process time?

2. Get multiple insurance quotes

Many sites out there can be invaluable in comparing quotes. You’ll find that you’ll get very different quotes from different companies.  We live in a very competitive market and you can leverage this competition to your advantage.  Don’t leave money on the table!  Insurance companies don’t want to lose a policy to a rival company and they might be able to offer you additional discounts.

A word of caution: just because a policy is the cheapest doesn’t mean it’s the one you should choose.

3. Ask for discounts

You are eligible for more discounts than you realize and more than most insurance companies will admit.  Depending on the company, you can receive discounts for things as simple as living close to a fire station, living near a fire hydrant, installing a fence around your swimming pool, replacing your heating unit with a newer model, or installing shutters on your windows that are wind-resistant.  All of these make you less of a liability to the insurance company which makes you more desirable (they’re really, really hoping you don’t have to cash in on your insurance policy).

At Affordable American Insurance, we’ll help you find an insurance policy that is right for you.

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