2 Things You Thought Would Be Easy About Being the Boss

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Sometimes it’s the things that you think will be the easiest about being the boss that actually end up being the most difficult and demanding. The one major draw for anyone to become an independent business owner is setting your own hours. The second is being a better boss than the ones you’ve had in the past.

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There is going to be a learning curve for you and your employees. Accepting that you won’t be perfect every time is the first step to being a successful boss.

Who’s the boss? You are!

Being the boss means freedom, right? You will build the corporate culture you’ve always longed for in your past jobs. You will treat your employees with kindness and respect. You will be open and transparent. You won’t micromanage. Your employees will love you. This is what you tell yourself, but once you assume the position of boss, don’t be surprised if things don’t always run as smoothly as you imagined. Don’t be surprised if your inner obsessive-compulsive perfectionist starts to show through, and you’re frustrated, feeling like you are unable to communicate your vision to your team.

Being the boss means that your reputation is on the line every step of the way and your dreams of perfection are harder to reach than you first thought. Don’t lower expectations, but be aware that the first six months of starting a business can be tumultuous. Don’t stop striving for perfection, but know that perfection is not always realistic and that it is a learning process. No matter how organized and specific your mission statement and business plan, the beginning phases of starting a business and being the boss are always going to have some elements of trial and error.

Accepting that you will make mistakes and that you’ll need to revise your business plan some time down the line is something every first-time boss has gone through. As a boss, you have to always walk that fine line between stubbornly sticking to your vision, and being adaptable when things aren’t working like you projected.

What free time?

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Stick to your original business plan, but be prepared to make changes if you aren’t getting the results you want after six months.

If you thought that being the boss means you could sleep in, work from home, take long lunches, skip out early, and schedule employee happy hours every Friday, you are going to be disappointed.

Your clients don’t sleep in, and neither will you. You may not have a boss to answer to anymore, but hopefully, you have many clients, and one of them is always going to need your attention. In today’s high-tech, always available world, the worst thing you can do is to sleep in and miss important client interactions. Until you can hire a large customer service department, you’re going to be responsible for tending to your clients. Plus, seeing that the owner of the company is directly involved with keeping clients happy will add trust and build longer, more profitable relationships.

You will be working from home, but after a full day at the office and on weekends. Forget about long lunches, unless they are client or investor lunch meetings.

Now that you are running a business, you’re going to be working a lot more and a lot harder than you ever did at your old job. Make sure that you are ready and your family is ready before you risk everything starting a business.

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