Home Insurance and Premium Rates in 2012

Over the last few years the insurance industry has seen some record claims.  Last year 2011 we saw the devastating tornadoes that went through the heart of theUnited States.  This year tornado [...]


Home Owners Insurance and Tornados

Tornado! Don’t let twisted facts put you in Danger   True or false?  If a tornado is headed your way, you should: – Get under a highway overpass if you’re on the road. – Open the [...]


Home and Auto Insurance Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

In the insurance world we can’t offer big discounts or two for ones on a insurance policies.  But what I can do for you is shop your insurance policies with 10 plus top insurance companies [...]


Facts about Thanksgiving

Fun Facts about the First Thanksgiving The Plymouth Pilgrims were the first to celebrate the Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to reachNorth America. They sailed on the [...]


Is Your Home Owners Insurance Ready for Thanksgiving?????

3 Exciting Ways to Invite Firefighters, EMT’s and Plumbers to Your Thanksgiving 1.    Don’t use that pesky grease catch under your turkey.  It’s way better to cook the turkey directly on [...]


Home Insurance Tips

Reminder, that this Sunday daylight saving time ends.  When you change your clocks Saturday night, its also a  good time to change the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.  [...]


Insurance Rates with Teenage Drivers In Metro Denver Colorado. We Can Help

Each year nearly 6,000 teens are killed in car accidents. More than 3,800 are drivers age 15-20. Last year more than 150 teens died in Colorado. As a lot of you are aware BDH Insurance Solutions [...]