Insurance Fraud

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If you think that only insurance companies are affected by fraud, think again.  Insurance fraud costs an estimated 30 billion every year, and that cost insurance customers as well as insurers.  The average household could be paying as much as 300.00 extra every year because of fraud.  Bottom line FRAUD rips off honest people like you and me because it results in higher insurance costs for all of us.

Here is how you can fight fraud and help keep your insurance cost down.

-Look out for staged auto accidents scams.  Criminals deliberately cause accidents so they can submit fraudulent claims against honest drivers.  The best way to avoid such situations is to drive defensively and do not tailgate.  If you are involved in an accident that seems suspicious, take photos and get information on the other driver and all passengers.

-Be aware of high-risk locations for vehicle theft. 

-use only licensed and insured contractors to do home or auto repairs.

Report suspected fraud.  Contact your insurance company or the National Insurance Crime Bureau at 888-447-6282.


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