Home Owners Insurance and Tornados

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Tornado! Don’t let twisted facts put you in Danger


True or false?  If a tornado is headed your way, you should:

– Get under a highway overpass if you’re on the road.

– Open the windows in your home to equalize the pressure.

The answer to both is false.  Highway overpasses provide little to no shelter, and opening a window is not only useless but dangerous.  These are just two of the more common myths about tornadoes.


2011 was one of the worst years for tornados, about 1,000 tornadoes are reported every year in theUnited Statesand there seems to be increasing sightings inColoradoduring the late spring and early summer months.  Here are some things you should know about handling twisters:


Prepare emergency supplies

In addition to food, water, flashlight, battery –operated radio and first-aid kit, remember to stock medication and extra batteries.


Have and action plan

If you don’t have a basement or storm cellar, designate a windowless, interior room on the lowest floor of your home as the family’s “saferoom.”  At work or school or elsewhere look for the same type of location.  Avoid taking refuge in spaces with wide-span roofs, such as cafeterias or auditoriums.  If you’re in a car pullover as quickly as possible and seek shelter indoors.  If no buildings are nearby, lie down in a ditch , culvert or low-lying area.  If you’re in a mobile home get to a designated safety area. Don’t stay in a mobile home!


Remember to DUCK

Down to the lowest level, get Under something, Cover your head and Keep in your shelter until the storm has passed.


Check utilities post Tornado

If you smell gas or hear a hissing noise turn off the gas at the outside main valve and call the utility company.  See sparks or frayed wires or smell hot insulation?  Turn off the electricity at the main fuse/breaker box.


Keep a home inventory

Make a list of each room’s contents, accompanied by photos and or a videotape incase you have to file a claim.  Keep a copy of the inventory in a secure location other than your home, such as a safe-deposit box.

My agency would be happy to take digital pictures of your personal property and provide you with a CD of those pictures and a Household Contents Inventory Record brochure to fill out.

Brent Snook

BDH Insurance Solutions



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