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Reaching your core audience with digital media marketing

Digital marketing strategy for independent agents

Facebook has the perfect algorithm to help your marketing content reach your target client.

When you are coming up with a marketing strategy for your independent agency, you don’t have to think about a nationwide marketing campaign. Your target demographic is going to be more local. However, since this is the age of social media, it can be tough to target your digital content to reach the right demographic. We’ve got a few marketing tips for independent agents to help you get your content in the hands of the right people at the right time.

Advertising on Facebook

There are going to be some that will tell you not to spend money on Facebook advertising because the views you get aren’t generated authentically. However, for just a small advertising fee, Facebook is a great way to make sure your content is reaching your target audience. Since there is so much information circulating on Facebook, you have to make sure that the information you put out is reaching the right people. You can pay a media marketing group to help you, or you can pay Facebook. Advertising on Facebook will ensure that your posts are seen by the right people. The good news is that advertising on social media isn’t going to break your budget. There are plenty of low-cost marketing options that will still generate a great return on your small investment.

Genuine content

Now, Facebook may have some fancy and complicated algorithm that helps your posts reach the right people at the right time, but it is up to you to make sure that the content you provide is authentic, relevant, and worth sharing. You have to develop a marketing strategy and hire the right people to handle your content, but once you do that, Facebook will make sure it reaches the right people.

Using Facebook to market your independent agency

There’s no shame in paying a small fee to allow Facebook to make sure your content reaches the right people.

Getting your target audience to see your content is one thing, but if you can’t convert those views to action, then you’re not going to gain a lot of new clients. Having a good social media marketing strategy in place before you send out content is key. You need a strategy to ensure that content is genuine and inspires to action, and the best content provides your clients with relevant information that is honest, genuine, and worth sharing. Once clients see you as a trusted source of information, they’ll continue to come back for more, and they’ll bring their friends, because social media is nothing if you can’t share it.

Reaching the millennial customer

The number one demographic that insurance agents should be targeting is uninsured millennials, and millennials get their information from Facebook. If you want to attract millennials, you have to engage them on social media. When millennials are looking for referrals to an insurance agency, they turn to their friends and family. Many times, these referrals will happen via social media. You need to be a part of that conversation. You have to engage your audience. If you can be a part of the conversation, you are one step closer to converting millennials to loyal customers.

How to succeed as an independent insurance agent

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