Learn How How to Be a Business Owner and Make Your Business Grow

 In Becoming an independent insurance agent

Affordable American Insurance operates as an independent insurance broker in Colorado, Arizona and Utah. Owned by a group of professionals dedicated to providing all the knowledge, skills and experience to help you create and own a business, and be successful running it. Our professional staff of business consultants will teach you all the fundamentals and techniques to manage your company successfully. We offer a solid teaching structure so you can learn the most efficient process of owning, growing and running your enterprise.

We are an association of Independent Business Owners in the independent insurance industry, and we teach our members how to be successful business owners and to maximize opportunities based on the market’s needs. Our courses are ongoing, so you choose when to log in and learn, no matter what your schedule is. We also have regularly scheduled live training for every phase of your progress. This is another way we help to ensure your success.  No matter how big or small, we are prepared to provide you with all the tools and insights necessary for creating a successful business plan.


Your partner on your way to success

Stop working for someone else and start developing your own business, with the guidance and support of Affordable American Insurance. We are real specialists in business development for the insurance industry. Let us know all your questions, we want to hear you, and let us be the experts that help you grow and be successful in your own business. We provide a complete business development strategy. We have the best teaching and training methods designed for maximizing business opportunities and generating more earnings for a company.


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