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February 23rd, 2012

Scott Bicknell AAI Executive Blog

Insurance Beginnings

I began my insurance career with American Family Insurance, a captive insurance company in 1997.  I worked for AmFam as an agent for 10+ years. During that time, I was very fortunate and humbled to have built a $2.5M agency from scratch in Greeley, Colorado.

In 2008, I left the insurance industry and decided to change my career path and joined the banking industry and assumed the role of Sr. Vice President for a growing community bank.  I was responsible for the retail operations of the bank and worked with 38 of the finest employees in the banking world.  To say the least, I learned a great deal about another industry and gained some wonderful experience.

Going Independent

In 2009, I re-joined the insurance world where I worked for an independent agency and began my unique and wonderful journey into the independent world of insurance as a “BROKER”.  This move also proved to be a great place to gain experience, but was not my final step in my career.

Joining AAI

In 2010, I began what has proved to be the most successful decision I have ever made ….other than marrying my beautiful bride of 22 years and having two wonderful sons.  In October of 2010, I opened up the first agency in Greeley for AAI and what an amazing experience it has been.  The agency has reached the $600K+ range in just over 15 months and we are again honored, humbled and amazed at what taking care of people’s needs is all about.

Wearing Two Hats

And Yes, you read this correctly, I do wear TWO HATS.  I am the Sales Executive for AAi and owner of an agency.  I guess I felt that if I was going to be a good leader, I must also be accountable to the same demands and stresses that an agency owner would be responsible to manage and handle.

Being a Coach

Thus there is NO IVORY TOWER.  Here at AAI, we don’t manage! We Coach, provide leadership, and we do everything we can to see that our agents are successful…..We want our people to build great memories and be a part of something special.  Most everyone goes to some sort of “job” but here at AAI, we offer a platform where people are not employees but owners and the creator of their own destiny.  In addition, we have built a team where agents help each other, and operate like family.  No one gets left behind, and no one is ever lost at the expense of another.

Helpful Advice

If I were to share one significant thought I would ask, “Do you love where you are at….does the company treat me with respect and will I have the opportunity for significance?”  If you can answer yes to these questions…congratulations; if you cannot, we may be the company you have been looking to join.  We look forward to the HONOR of meeting you.

Affordable American Insurance

Scott Bicknell
Affordable American Insurance
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