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Affordable American Insurance (AAI), with over 60 offices in Colorado and Utah is a leader in the insurance industry in the mountain region. AAI has positioned itself as one of the top 50 privately owned companies in Colorado. Because of the systems we use, we are consistently one of the top producers for the most recognized insurance companies.

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Why Do I Need Boat Insurance All Year Long?

If you are like most people, you are always looking for ways to save money. Maybe you pack your lunch for work or maybe you are an expert at using coupons to reduce your grocery bill. Do you always shop the after-Christmas sales? Maybe you are just willing to cut back on certain expenses. Saving...(more...)

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Why An Independent Insurance Agency Is Right For You

Do you know what you’ll do next time you are faced with an unexpected emergency? Maybe someone hit your car in a parking lot and drove off without leaving a note, or maybe your washing machine broke and flooded your apartment. If you have a traditional insurance company—you’ll call your agent, cross your fingers, and...(more...)

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